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Universidad Federada de Costa Rica, San Judas Tadeo

The University, as its name implies, aspires to universality. The country brand license is a great opportunity to share the work of the Costa Rican academy and the high-level professionals who are trained within it. We also wanted to gain new experiences and, at the same time, expand our horizons and establish new links with higher education institutions around the globe. Rectora Dra. Helia Betancourt Plasencia Fabiola Quiroz Condori

Fabiola Quiroz Condori

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The Federated University of Costa Rica, San Judas Tadeo is a Higher Education Institution founded in 1992 and it’s composed of 3 faculties: Journalism and Communication, Education and Medicine. We have a highly qualified faculty and our graduates have a high hiring rate, even above the national average. We are the University with the highest number of social programs. We are affiliated with several organizations that supervise our educational quality. We have a consolidated team of researchers who publish numerous publications and we own our own editorial. We maintain links with numerous international universities and a large group of international students attend our classrooms.