Universidad Internacional San Isidro Labrador, UISIL - Universidad Internacional San Isidro Labrador, UISIL

Universidad Internacional San Isidro Labrador, UISIL

The UISIL decided to license with the Country Brand in order to evaluate the quality of our processes and verify that the planning is correct in terms of international standards, having the brand of a country with a demanding methodology, makes our continuous improvement more effective and that we really have a strategic process of innovation and competitiveness and it is very in line with all the ideas of academic quality management and the profile of excellence that UISIL wishes to obtain.Carlos Cortés Sandí – Rector

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With the motto “Make your aspirations come true”, the San Isidro Labrador International University emerged in the canton of Pérez Zeledón and was consolidated in 1997, when it was approved by the National Council for Private Higher Education (CONESUP). Currently, the UISIL has expanded its coverage and influence and has a presence in 9 locations in the country, Pérez Zeledón, San Carlos, Grecia, Heredia, Buenos Aires, Río Claro, San Vito, Quepos and Guápiles. Since its creation, the staff and administrative teachers have tried to consolidate an educational institution that provides quality education, with highly qualified teachers and affordable prices for their students. The development of the university has allowed it to spread to other areas of the country, having a presence in localities that did not have higher education options. UISIL offers more than 35 programs in its academic offering, in teaching areas such as: Education, Systems Engineering, Business Administration, Tourism and its Specialty in Notarial and Registry Law. In addition, through our center of expertise, we offer a wide range of technicians and free courses. And if you are interested in studying abroad, with UISIL you can access international programs through our internationalization office.