Verita Tropicals Costa Rica S.A. - Verita Tropicals Costa Rica S.A.

Verita Tropicals Costa Rica S.A.

The main reason is the fact that this licensing not only validates the commitment to high-quality and sustainable business practices, but also drives innovation within its processes and products. Furthermore, by integrating social progress and strengthening ties with the Costa Rican community, the company demonstrates its contribution to the comprehensive development of its environment and reinforces its reputation as a responsible and ethical corporate actor in the national and international market.

Alonso Sánchez Salazar
Director de Logística

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Verita Tropicals Costa Rica S.A. is a leading company with more than 12 years of experience in the export of high quality fresh pineapple to the international market, it’s a company noted for its commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, guaranteeing fresh and tasty products that meet the most high international standards.