“From nature to your table”, the high quality food products that it exports to markets such as Central America, the Caribbean, Mexico and the United States are its slogan and its cover letter.


Alpigo, a company from San Carlos established in 1995, is also synonymous with Costa Rican hearts of palm of unparalleled quality and flavor. As well as diversity, since it currently grows, processes and markets products such as pineapple, pejibayes, soursop, acai among other tropical fruits.


Founded almost three decades ago by Mr. Rodolfo Alpízar and Mrs. Lilliam González, Alpigo was born with an export aptitude and with the intention of producing healthy food. This is how its product line includes canned hearts of palm, heart of palm spaghetti, canned pineapple chunks, acai powder, as well as acai and soursop liqueur.


The company’s vision is clear and Mr. Rodolfo reiterates that it is in the DNA of each product they sell within the country and abroad: “to become a leading company in the production of food preserves, excellent quality products, safe for the consumer and to be a company that produces in harmony with the environment and promotes the development of the community”.

And its DNA made up of quality, harmony with the environment and development of the community hand in hand with the well-being of its collaborators; they are so aligned with the values of the country brand Essential Costa Rica, to the extent where the company was encouraged and opted for the Brand license. And in the search of the well-being of its collaborators this company stands out promoting the value of its Costa Rican ties.


“We do not miss the opportunity to distinguish ourselves as a socially responsible company with the national environment and be consistent with the best values of the Costa Ricans, which is the essence of the brand,” said Mr. Rodolfo.


Country Brand: How long have you had the Country Brand license?

Rodolfo Alpízar (RA): Since the first year that the Country Brand began, we have been among the first 25 companies to be awarded the Brand.


MP: How was the process to obtain the certification?

RA: It was a very interesting process, since obtaining the Country Brand license is not easy. But in our case, Alpigo has always been in compliance with all Costa Rican legislation and certified under an ISO international standard of quality and safety, as well as linked to the community and concerned about the development and well-being of our collaborators.


MP: What does it mean for Alpigo to have the Country Brand?

RA: It means a lot! It means being part of the conglomerate of Costa Rican companies that operate responsibly and that want to represent the country at the highest level and that this has an impact on image, prestige and even better sales.

MP: Would you recommend other companies to obtain the Country Brand?

RA: Yes, of course, it is a badge whose national and international recognition is constantly on the rise and we must take advantage of the strengths given by the fact of being born in Costa Rica.