The history of this Costa Rican company begins in 2002, when Nicofrutta, an Italian company, bought pineapples from small national producers. The desire to standardize the management of their products and strengthen the relationship with the producers raised the need for them to consolidate in Costa Rica and that is how in 2017, the lands in San Carlos saw the birth of NICOVERDE.


This new company was established with the aim of strengthening Nicofrutta’s processes, as well as generating its own production to strengthen its presence in the European supermarkets, always respecting the quality, safety and sustainability of its production.


“We consider ourselves leaders in sustainable pineapple production, we work with biotechnology and produce -in our own laboratory- microorganisms for pest and disease control in pineapple production, we carry out a circular economy, we produce edible mushrooms using pineapple stubble as means of inoculation, and now we are in phase II for the production of biomaterials, also using pineapple stubble and other fibers to produce bioactives” commented Mr. Jorge Sánchez, general manager of NICOVERDE.

Just five years after its foundation, NICOVERDE has become the livelihood of more than 50 Costa Rican families and works hand in hand with another 100 people associated with organizations of small pineapple producers in the country.


In the year 2020, NICOVERDE decided to take on a new challenge, and that is how the opportunity to obtain the license of the Esencial Costa Rica country brand was provided, which, according to Mr. Jorge, was an interesting process in which he had support and wide disposition of the auditors regarding the points of improvement that the company had.


NICOVERDE, located in Pital de San Carlos, is a clear example of the values of the Country Brand, particularly among them excellence, since it is an expert company in matters of quality, biosafety, safety, good agricultural and manufacturing practices, which has also allowed them to obtain internationally renowned certifications.


When asking Mr. Jorge what Essential Costa Rica means to NICOVERDE, without hesitation he answers that “it is a very important distinction that highlights the effort made by the company in the field and in the development of its processes. We are very proud to have the Country Brand, our motto is “we are biodiversity, quality and health”, and now we have also included excellence and innovation as part of our corporate identity”, he commented.


Finally, the Manager of NICOVERDE invites those companies that do not yet have the Essential Costa Rica license to venture into this challenge, since in addition to its high standards, it offers worldwide support in terms of biodiversity, environment and other Topics that provide a boost to the negotiations of products in international markets, thus achieving a higher level of brand positioning, both nationally and internationally.