San José, May 2, 2023. In 1992, the idea of marketing artisan bread at farmer’s fairs and at the National Center for Food Supply and Distribution (Centro Nacional de Abastecimiento y Distribución de Alimentos, CENADA) was born in Zarcero, Alajuela. An idea that over time would delight thousands of families in every corner of the country.

That is how La Zarcereña was born, seeking to preserve the traditional flavors of Costa Rican cuisine. It began its production on a low scale of custard cookies and chiverre empanadas. However, thanks to the high demand and the quality of their products, they were able to expand their production plant, acquiring an industrial oven that would allow them to triple production as well as generate employment for a total of 10 people.

Currently, La Zarcereña is the leading Costa Rican company in the production of artisanal pastries, and has 300 employees, of which 117 workers reside in the canton of Zarcero, which makes it a company that provides numerous employment opportunities for Zarcereños.

In addition, the company has an extensive catalog of more than 20 different products, including dulce de leche rolls, cheese sticks, sponge cake, cookies, and others that are distributed throughout the country. And as part of its vision for the next 5 years, it hopes to expand into international territories, in the Central American and U.S. markets.

In 2019, the company decided to opt for the licensing of the esencial Costa Rica Nation Brand, driven by the desire to expand the reach of the brand, as well as to comply with the values that represent the entire country, as recalled by Krístal Barquero, Head of Marketing at La Zarcereña.

“The granting of the esencial Costa Rica Nation Brand meant for our company the creation of endless possibilities in terms of the promotion of products outside Costa Rican borders. As well as the establishment of strategic alliances and approaches with groups, companies, and individuals of interest to the company,” she added.

On the other hand, being part of esencial Costa Rica has allowed the company to develop the values that were already part of its corporate identity in a manner aligned with the values of the Nation Brand; always seeking excellence in the way it works and applying a sense of innovation in its practices and products, sustainably and visualizing a better country and a source of progress for the community of Zarcero.

La Zarcereña recommends other interested companies to take the step to join the esencial Costa Rica licensing program, as it is a certification that allows them to direct their production and business scope towards international territories. Also, it provides an added value that contributes to greater positioning and competitiveness in the markets.

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