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Avenida Escazú

Avenida Escazú is an important urban, commercial and business center. We are referents and pioneers of a new development model in Costa Rica, and we seek to generate well-being and a sense of community among tenants, visitors, residents and other audiences with whom we interact. Innovation, sustainability and memorable experiences are the cornerstone of our strategy and are the values we share with the Country Brand. We know that AE is only a small part of Escazú, but we aspire to share our ideas with the entire world. We believe Essential Costa Rica is an ideal platform to carry these relevant messages in such a dynamic and complex world. Yelena Gomez Calvo – Agente de Servicios Comerciales

Yelena Gomez Calvo
Agente de Servicios Comerciales

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Avenida Escazú is the first mixed-use development in Costa Rica, with more than 5 years of operating in the market. During this time it has managed to become an important urban center, surrounded by mountains and green areas that connects the best of gastronomy, fashion, entertainment, services, business and cultural events in the same space.