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Cathedra Finest Products was born with the aim of helping to lead a healthy, conscious and sustainable life for all its consumers. Being a pioneer and promoter of the coffee, tea and high-end infusions culture with its own recipes, in order to provide food security. This motivated us to graduate as a country brand because we could represent what we are in a license that promotes social progress, human talent, value proposition, sustainability and innovation of processes and products and origin. Which is a great honor for the Cathedra team to participate in the Essential Costa Rica license and to have the credibility in the national and international market of being part of the Costa Rica country brand.Erika Portilla

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We are a company dedicated to the production, packaging and distribution of high-end coffee tea and cocoa. of food and beverages with our own recipes, enhancing flavors and benefits, without preservatives.The business model has integrated in its value chain the search for sustainability in its processes and the contribution to the care of the ecosystem.