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At Facio & Cañas we proudly carry the country brand, because it represents everything that identifies us with the best of Costa Rica: professional excellence, empathy with the client, integrity and respect, leadership and responsibility. Since 1942 we have been the law firm of reference in Costa Rica. Supported in our service structure, our work transcends the local market, to leave Costa Rica to the world with a world quality seal. Adrián Torrealba (Partner and President of the firm)Valeria Araya Yuditskaya – Gerente Administrativa y Financiera

Valeria Araya Yuditskaya
Gerente Administrativa y Financiera

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FACIO & CAÑAS was founded in 1942 and since then has provided services with the highest level of excellence to the local and international community. FACIO & CAÑAS is one of the largest and most reputable law firms in Costa Rica. The firm is the exclusive representative in Costa Rica of: Lex Mundi, the largest and most prestigious association of independent law firms, (over 21,000 attorneys in 160 law firms, located in over 100 countries around the world). Club de Abogados, the oldest and most traditional association of law firms of Europe and Latin America.