Formulaciones Químicas S.A. (FORMUQUISA) - Formulaciones Químicas S.A. (FORMUQUISA)

Formulaciones Químicas S.A. (FORMUQUISA)

The decision to license us was made based on the image that would be provided of our company to our current clients and possible new clients would be of an organization that is based on high quality standards, that works in harmony with the environment and respecting the asset. most important of this: its collaborators.

Erick Meléndez Román
Gerente de IT & Certificaciones

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Formulaciones Químicas SA, better known as Formuquisa, was established in 1981. Since its inception, it has focused on providing phytosanitary product formulation services to other companies, both national and international, with markets in the Americas, the Caribbean, Europe and Asia. Supported by a chemical laboratory equipped with modern analytical equipment, Formuquisa has contributed in the development of formulations for its clients and has provided a strong support in the analytical area. Recently he has ventured into the formulation of products in the area of animal health.

The health and well-being of workers has been one of the pillars of the business philosophy of Formuquisa. Its almost 200 employees have full labor guarantees in accordance with Costa Rican legislation, perform their daily work with the most up-to-date personal protection equipment and also have a specialist in occupational medicine doctor, approved by the National Insurance Institute to provide medical support to the staff.