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As a company we identify with the values that represent the Escencial Costa Rica brand. We are a company committed to producing products of international quality respecting our society and the environment.Damaris Fallas

Damaris Fallas

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100% natural dehydrated pineapple, without any additives, which guarantees the taste, consistency and natural color of the MDII pineapple variety produced in Costa Rica. Currently we have 2 presentations in bulk: pieces and rings. Our plant is BRC Certified and FDA registered, ensuring the food safety of our products. Located in rural area, we offer employment to workers from our surroundings, who work under safe conditions and in compliance with local laws. We have extensive experience in exporting our products to such demanding international markets as Italy, the Netherlands, Germany and Israel to which we have exported an average of 200 tons per year and maintaining a Fill Rate of 100%.