La Montaña Tarrazú, Café Don Lucas - La Montaña Tarrazú, Café Don Lucas

La Montaña Tarrazú, Café Don Lucas

Having the Essential Costa Rica License, Country Brand, implies for the company to believe and evolve in our internal and external processes, to challenge ourselves by the constant search for continuous improvement and to be able to offer a quality product for our clients. clients and friends. It is taken as an opportunity for the company to evolve and reinvent itself, having clear the values ​​of excellence, passion, dedication for the work carried out daily. For this reason, obtaining the Country Brand license commits us to follow this process of daily improvement. In addition to always looking for the growth of the company and that our coffee that is produced and processed in our beautiful country, in the Tarrazú region, can be valued internationally, with a view to expanding markets, where the Country Brand is a recognition of the effort that is made by the family and collaborators of those who make up Beneficio La Montaña Tarrazú.Daniela Gutiérrez – Manager

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La Montaña Tarrazú is a family business, located in the renowned coffee growing region of Tarrazú, Costa Rica. We produce and process our coffee at our own micro-mill, which allows us to guarantee the quality and traceability of every lot. We specialize in producing specialty grade coffee, boasting unique flavor notes and SCA cupping scores of 85 and above. We sell our beans to importers and roasteries worldwide.It is common in the Los Santos region for most coffee producers to deliver their coffee cherries to cooperatives or private mills in the region, who then process the coffee. However, Jorge and Ivannia made the decision in 2009 to invest in and install their own micro-mill, La Montaña Tarrazú. The purpose of the micro-mill was to add value to their product and to reach a global market. It was a lot of work to take on, but little by little they were able to see positive results. Don Jorge is still currently in charge of maintenance on the farm while his daughter, Daniela, is in charge of processing and managing our accounts. We created our own brand of roasted coffee, Café Don Lucas, to make our premium product known at a global level.