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O’Pacifico Hotel Boutique

With pride and enthusiasm, Opacífico Hotel has decided to obtain the Country Brand license, a step that reflects our commitment to excellence in service and our desire to share our history and hospitality with the world. This decision will allow us to take advantage of the renowned platform of Country Brand to highlight the quality and authenticity of our experiences, as well as to publicize the beauty of Costa Rica and its rich culture. We are excited to be part of this initiative that will allow us to continue providing unforgettable moments to our guests, while we contribute. to the growth and promotion of sustainable tourism in our beautiful nation.

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O’Pacifico Boutique Hotel was born in 2018 when the seaside property in Playa Naranjo was acquired, in a 100% Costa Rican family partnership. The property had been operating as a hotel since the late 1970s, and upon acquisition, a complete renovation of all facilities was undertaken, maintaining its “Art Deco” style with a contemporary touch. On the 16,000 square meter property, extensive landscaping was done, refreshing it with native plants and trees, with each of the 14 rooms having its own terrace surrounded by gardens. The hotel began operations in March 2019, fully refurbished with a large pool area and a restaurant open to the public (La Cangreja Restaurant), offering not only a unique place for privacy, rest, and tranquility but also paddleboarding and kayaking experiences, as well as tours focused on showcasing the natural beauty of the Gulf of Nicoya, its islands, its people, and the lifestyle of the Blue Zone. Our predominantly local staff, with their coastal idiosyncrasy, provide guests with a 100% Costa Rican experience, highly appreciated by the tourists who visit us, mostly of European and American nationalities, as well as Costa Ricans. We offer high cuisine gastronomy specializing in local meats and seafood. We use products from the farm such as honey, pitahaya.